Disney Tattoo

Another practice shot with my new 25mm micro four thirds prime lens. This time of one of my wife's Disney tattoos. The f1.7 of the lens is a great thing for taking shots indoors, but that narrow depth of fieldĀ isĀ challenging. It's very easy to have the wrong thing in focus. But when you've got a narrow target like this it's great. I did do a little post processing to boost the vibrance and focus your eye on the tattoo, but not much. For those who worry about such things this was shot at f1.7, ISO 400, 1/60 speed

Movie Review: Big Hero 6

Disney does superheroes, sort of. That's basically what Big Hero 6 is, but it's worth taking a moment to clarify what it isn't. It is not a Marvel animated movie, nor is it a Pixar movie. Approaching it expecting either of those things will likely end in disappointment. Generally Big Hero 6 follows a traditional Disney story arc. It executes it well and uses the trappings of superhero stories effectively but you can see its origins in The Lion King and other Disney classics. What's It All About? Hiro Hamada is a super smart kid with a talent for electronics who lacks direction. Inspired by his big brother he invents …Read more  »