And the Doctor’s New Companion Is…

We're not straying too far from type here. The Doctor's new companion is still female and young. But if this trailer is anything to go by Bill as played by Pearl Mackie is going to bounce of the Doctor a little differently to the last two. I'm optimistic. I also really like this method of introducing the new companion. Rather than just giving us a press photo we get an idea of how she will act and speak in character.

Sherlock Christmas Special — The Abominable Bride

I'm not sure what exactly the expectations were for this year's Sherlock special The Abominable Bride. All the promotional material made it clear than unlike the regular series it was going to be set in the Victorian era and thus just a stand alone stocking-stuffer. And that's how it proceeded for let's say the first 60 minutes of its running time (I didn't use a stopwatch I may be off by 3 seconds). At which point it got, complicated. Okay let's step back. Opening with a "previously on" was an interesting technique that actually worked really well because it gave the audience an easy way to compare and contrast modern Sherlock with this Victorian …Read more  »