JuiceDefender — Improve the Battery Life of Your Android Device

I've been using JuiceDefender for several months now to help extend the battery life of my Droid Eris. One of the biggest criticisms of all the Android phones has been the short battery life. Giving the multi-tasking capabilities of the Android OS this isn't really that much of a surprise. But it is a problem. The most frustrating thing for many Android users is the way their battery drops even when they aren't using the phone. That's where JuiceDefender comes in. The developer Latedroid has cleverly tweaked android's data settings so when you're not actively using the phone it powers down the wifi, 3G etc. But it if you want …Read more  »

Achieving Information Unification With Android

Image by Harry Wood via FlickrFor years I have read article after article on "Getting Things Done" and other productivity and organizational strategies. Without exception I have found them clever but impossible to implement in a way that integrates with my life. You see I want a system that works for me in my personal life, my family life and my work life. I want it to conform to my life, not the other way round and above all else I want a system that doesn't take more time to maintain than it saves. It's just possible that my Droid Eris and the Android operating system has given me what …Read more  »