The Little Mermaid Hand Carved Crystal Vase

Viczan is a professional glass engraver who does work for Disney Resorts. This hand carved and engraved crystal vase featuring The Little Mermaid is (he says) one of his best pieces. It's certainly quite stunning. The work was done during his time at the Tokyo Disney Resort but it sounds as though he is moving/has moved to Hong Kong Disneyland Source: DeviantArt - The Little Mermaid

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Unleashes The Villains For A Special Event

Disney have thought up yet another way to part you from your money while you visit Walt Disney World. This time out, it's Disney's Hollywood Studios (usually considered the runt of the park litter) that will be getting the attention. Disney have announced a new ticketed party called Villains Unleashed for one day only (August 23rd). The party will feature 50 Disney villains in one form or another plus some special events like Hades Hangout & Dance Party, Oogie Boogie's Variety Show, A Star Wars villain zone, a fireworks show and an extra pre-show to Fantasmic. Of course there will also be special food (I'm betting on at least a …Read more  »