Zombiemart — Part 1) Night Shift (1st Draft)

Zombiemart is weekly serial sequel to The Wolves of West Virginia, which is available on Kindle. Enjoy Part 1) Night Shift. One of the sucky things about working at a superstore is the night shift. Even if the store itself isn’t open 24 hours a day, there’s still a night shift because someone has to stock those shelves ready for the eager hordes of greedy shoppers the next morning. And if it is open 24/7? Well then you get to stock the shelves while harassed by said greedy shoppers. Usually not hordes of them though. Most of them like to sleep. However, if you happen to be in dire need …Read more  »

The Wolves Of West Virginia Part 2: The Missing Girl

The post below is part an early draft of one of the parts of my ebook The Wolves of West Virginia, which is now available on Kindle. You are free to read and enjoy it as is, but may prefer the more polished version. [amazon template=multinational&asin=B00RQUSRUM] My phonecall to the Shepherdstown police was singularly lacking in useful information. They were polite but particularly uninformative about the missing Naomi. Ongoing investigation; pursuing a few leads; no comment.  Someone had just done a refresher course on how to deal with the press. Oh yes, I may have given them the impression that I was a reporter of some sort. It’s not technically true, but I hear …Read more  »