The Avengers Juggernaught Passes $1 Billion

Yes. Before its second week­end has even finished The Avengers has passed a billion dollars in world­wide ticket sales and an equally impres­sive $373 million in domes­tic.

That puts it accord­ing to BoxOf​fice​Mojo​.com at #3 for Marvel brand movies (behind only Spider-man and Spider-man 2 which are likely to fall by Monday at this rate).

The Dark Knight’s $533 million is already within sight. And it’s already ranked 11th for World­wide all time gross­ing movies.

Not only can we expect a sequel but a whole slew more Marvel movies and I’d say this along has justi­fied Disney’s purchase of Marvel a few years ago. Can you imag­ine the merchan­dise this thing must be push­ing?

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Week­end Box-Office: ‘Avengers’ Crosses $1 Billion World­wide and Contin­ues to Crush Records | Rope of Sili­con
Weekend box-office results for May 11 – 13, 2012 with The Avengers at #1 over Dark Shad­ows

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