Things don’t look good for Community

Officially it still isn’t cancelled. But it doesn’t have a times­lot any more.People why do you not love and watch this bril­liant show? With all it’s meta refer­ences it’s like G+ on TV!

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Is Commu­nity about to be cancelled?
As NBC takes Commu­nity off its prime­time sched­ules, are the days numbered for one of US TV’s best current shows? Some pretty crappy news filtered through overnight, as NBC confirmed its mid-season sched­ules, drop­ping two shows out of its line-up as it did so. One of those shows was Prime Suspect. The other was, and sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, Commu­nity. The removal of a show from a prime­time sched­ule in the middle of a season is never a good sign, although we suspect we shouldn’t b… 

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