Things I want To Be Able to Do In Google+

I’ve been using Google+ for a couple of and I like it a lot,  but there are a number of things it doesn’t do (or doesn’t make it easy to do) that I really want. I posted a some stuff on Google+ earlier and got a little feed­back which I’m now using to write this post. That in itself shows the poten­tial of Google+ I think.


One of the most frustrating things about social networking is how many sites there are. I've been trying to streamline my process to post from one location to many and reply to people on whatever network they chose to use. Ideally I'd be posting here on my blog, but I haven' t managed to achieve that yet. So there's a bunch of sharing functions I want from Google+:
  1. Share a post/photo with my Blog/Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/Flickr followers - Some of this can be achieved by Chrome plugins, but I'd like it native.
  2. Integrate my Google Reader shares directly as posts on Google+
  3. Post directly from my blog into Google+


Enhance the Conversation

Like Buzz before it, Google+ has the potential for much better conversation than Twitter or even Facebook. However the current structure can make it difficult to find the conversations that I'm interested in. And as Google+ gets busier I'm concerned that the noise may overwhelm the signal.
  1. Let me share a post on my stream and the comments to avoid fragmenting the conversation
  2. Give me a way to segregate my posts by topic (hash tags?) so people can find the stuff that interests them and not be bothered by the stuff that doesn't.
  3. Provide a method to search for people with similar interests.
  4. Use my +1s (web and Google+) to help surface the conversations I'm interested in.


Organize My Friends & Followers

If I’m going to use Google+ as my main social network I need easy ways to find people, orga­nize them and view their content. Circles is a great start, but it’s only a start.

  1. Help my find my Facebook/Twitter/Flickr contacts.
  2. Let me see a record of posts I've Plus 1'd  in Google+
  3. Give me a way to re-organize my list of circles


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