This one deserves a re-share

It’s about 10 minutes long. Watch it full screen and let it buffer a little before start­ing.

The design, cine­matog­ra­phy are excep­tion and the story­telling keeps you hooked for its entire length.

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From +Benjamin BASSO:After a long wait, Jesús Orel­lana ’s animated science-fiction short ROSA can now be seen in its entirety. A visu­ally stun­ning short film, espe­cially given its budget of… zero dollars.”

If you like beau­ti­ful CG anima­tion (and I’m talk­ing beau­ti­ful here) then you want to check this out. If you like post-apoc­a­lyp­tic themed stories — you must see this. 

It’s just a short — maybe 5 minutes, and well worth your time. 

It is excep­tional

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