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I’ve been look­ing forward to ABC’s remake of V for some time now. Eagerly absorbing the initial news and then worriedly consum­ing the more recent tidbits of infor­ma­tion. There’s a well known phrase: “You can’t go home again”. Revis­it­ing the past can often lead to disap­point­ment. Was this going to be one of those cases?

Kenneth John­son’s orig­i­nal 1983 V minis­eries holds a special place in my heart. I was 11 years old at the time and just really getting into science fiction as a genre rather than indi­vid­ual works.

You have to under­stand the time period. The early 80s wasn’t just pre-inter­net. It was before most people had home comput­ers. Unless you were connected to a local fandom (and at 11 I wasn’t) then all you had was the small number of profes­sional maga­zi­nes that were avail­able.

And there wasn’t that much TV scifi to choose from. In the UK there was Doctor Who of course and a hand­ful of Amer­i­can imports, but not much else. A big budget sci-fi mini-series, that was unheard of. V was a big deal.

Since then I’ve not only watched V multi­ple times, I bought both the mini-series on DVD. Admit­tedly I did skip the dodgy series. So a rework­ing of this show had a an awful lot to live up to. Does it?

Well, honestly, no. Noth­ing can live up to the weight of those memo­ries and I don’t think any new scifi show can have the signif­i­cance that V had when it was broad­cast. But that doesn’t mean that the new V is a bad show. Quite the contrary.

In many ways it’s a more sophis­ti­cated, more mature show than the orig­i­nal. V was full of people escap­ing alien space­ships; running around; shout­ing; shoot­ing. It was very 80s. This is more subdued. Where before the refer­ences to Nazi’s and the holo­caust were quite blatant here we get a more modern subtext with sleeper cells and terror­ists.

This time round the visi­tors aren’t march­ing in with jack­boots, they subverted from within before they even arrived. I could have done with­out the leaden “Univer­sal Health­care” line mind you. No subtlety there. All of the orig­i­nal elements are at play here, but shifted to refer­ence the new mille­nium. In the old show V was a refer­ence to victory. Now tagging V on walls is part of the visitor’s (now called the V’s) propa­ganda battle.

Visu­ally the show is a success. Obvi­ously special effects have come a long way since the 80s and they make good use of them here. But again it’s subdued. After the arrival of the V’s ships we don’t see much spec­ta­cle until the end. Instead the effects are used to present the scale of the V’s craft and what they are capa­ble of.

So I like the visu­als and I like the concepts of the new V. But it’s not all roses. The biggest prob­lem was time. They really should have made this a two hour première. They were really strug­gling to intro­duce all the cast and set up all the plot lines in a normal length episode. As a result most of the char­ac­ters come of almost one dimen­sional in nature. 

I feel that V has a good cast to work with. Morena Baccarin is well suited to her role as the ice cold leader of the V. Alan Tudyk as always excels in his rela­tively minor role. Outside of Whedon alums we have Joel Gretsch (best known from The 4400), Morris Chest­nut and Eliz­a­beth Mitchell. All capa­ble enough but hamstrung by very little mate­rial to work with.

That prob­lem can be fixed in subse­quent episodes of course if they give the indi­vid­ual char­ac­ters some time to shine and build up their back­grounds a bit.

The other prob­lem that came from only having one hour was pacing. A lot of stuff happened in the first half hour, but we didn’t really see it. We just had it refer­enced as having happened. It was like watch­ing a recap and this makes for dull TV. At the half way mark I was really ques­tion­ing whether the show was worth contin­u­ing with.

However, they were able to suck me back in during the last 10 – 15 minutes of the show. I was actu­ally cheer­ing on for Erica to rip Dale’s mask off. I came away from the show feel­ing that they had sent up a lot of poten­tial plots to explore and look­ing forward to seeing the next episode.

Do me a favor ABC, don’t cancel this show after only 4 episodes please!

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