V S01E10 — Hearts and Minds, Review

My hopes were raised when the episode started with the resis­tance shoot­ing down a V shut­tle. The sort of thing they should have been doing all along. But some­thing is very wrong. At that point the episode flashes back to show us how this all happened.

I’m not a big fan of these sorts of flash­backs. I think they’re hard to pull off well. This time though it worked well, perhaps because I was genuinely curi­ous what had happened.

But that wasn’t the only reason I enjoyed this week’s V so much. We got another small glimpse into V soci­ety with the mention of Track­ers. Between them and the soldiers, it’s clear that there is some sort of special­ized breed­ing. We really need to know more about V soci­ety and culture. Also good is that after weeks of vacil­lat­ing, it seems that Chad Decker has picked a side!

But perhaps more impor­tant is that this episode addressed some of my biggest complaints about V. The chem­istry they are teas­ing between Ericka and Father Jack came on a bit abruptly, but at least it made them inter­est­ing. Even better was the fact that Father Jack was faced with the conse­quences of taking part in a guer­rilla war. Even his mili­tary back­ground didn’t prepare him for that. His strug­gle to cope with what he thought he had done was the emotional heart of the episode and it finally gave me a reason to care about his char­ac­ter.

This is what we need. Real emotional drama, not soap opera. And the result is that finally V lives up to its poten­tial with the best episode of this series to date. It wasn’t perfect mind you. We still had too much of the whiny teenager, a char­ac­ter that I really wish the V would torture to death. But the chill­ing ending, which shows just how calcu­lat­ing and unemo­tional Anna is easily made up for that.

For the first time since the series began, I’m actu­ally eager to watch the next episode. More of this please!

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