Very nice.

Very nice.

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Steam­punk Raygun
Roger Wood of Klock­w­erks made a killer little raygun. The rest of the stuff on his website is defi­nitely worth check­ing out, too. via Boing Boing Related posts: WANT: Raygun Robin’s Elder Sign Dress Modern Samu­rai Will Blow Your Mind Steam­punk Iron Man Custom Action Figure 

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  • Some deep dark part of me wants to take a room of my house and make it my steam punk heaven.….….….…. I must fight this urge with every fiber of my being.……

  • Feh. You can’t glue gears to some­thing and call it a day. While some of the compo­nents are very nice- the deco­ra­tive bit near the grip and the “barrel”- it looks like a hunk of wood with shit glued to it. Largely because it is a hunk of wood with shit glued to it.

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