Video Game Cosplay — Adjutant From StarCraft 2

adjutant_from_starcraft2_by_chrixdesign-d7l9z64The major­ity of my cosplay posts are sci-fi, fantasy, comic book or Disney related for the simple reason that then I know what I’m talk­ing about. There’s also a lot of video game cosplay out there, but since I’m not much of a gamer these days, it’s not some­thing that jumps out at me in the same way.

There are excep­tions though. Like this cosplay by ChrixDe­sign. Again I’m only margin­ally famil­iar with the source mate­rial, but the work that must have gone into recre­at­ing this design outside of a game is impres­sive.

Source: Deviantart — Adju­tant from Star­Craft 2

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