Walking Maryland Heights

A couple of weeks ago I got up early and hiked up Maryland heights. For those not familiar with the area, it's a portion of Harpers Ferry National Historic Park and while the trail is only around 3.5 miles the first half is all uphill (approximately 1000 feet uphill). So it's pretty good exercise.

It was a cloudy, but slightly muggy day when I set off, with the clouds sitting on the mountains. About halfway up I found myself walking into the mist, which did limit the opportunities for scenic views, but was wonderfully atmospheric.

When I approached the top (panting and gasping) the clouds were beginning to break up. Maryland Heights was a place of strategic importance during the Civil War and at one point there were thousands of soldiers manning the stone fort. All that's left now is rubble. If it wasn't for the carefully placed markers and maps you might not even realize what it was you were standing on.

Appropriately enough as I walked along the ridge of Maryland Heights before making my way back down, the sun finally managed to burn through the cloud.

I need to do this walk again later in the year. I'd be particularly interested to see what it looks like after the leaves have gone from the trees.

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