We face this sort of thing with Jamie on a regular basis.

We face this sort of thing with Jamie on a regu­lar basis.

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Asperg­ers Chil­dren and Emotional Dysreg­u­la­tion
Emotional dysreg­u­la­tion is a term used in the mental health commu­nity to refer to an emotional response that is poorly modu­lated and does not fall within the conven­tion­ally accepted range of emotive response. Emotional dysreg­u­la­tion may be referred to as labile mood or mood swings. Possi­ble mani­fes­ta­tions of emotional dysreg­u­la­tion include behav­ioral outbursts (e.g., destroy­ing or throw­ing objects, aggres­sion towards self or others, anger and rage, etc.). These vari­a­tions usually occur in sec… 

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  • Speak­ing for myself… never let your kid to start smok­ing. I just quit and between the side effects of the quit smok­ing medica­tion and the redrawal of nico­tine… if it can mess with anyone you can imag­ine the out of control level fir a aspie… well it wasn’t pretty.

  • I hope that neural mapping can progress to the point that such dysreg­u­la­tion can be adjusted safely. Big pharma would like one drug to treat every case, but people are so differ­ent.

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