• I actu­ally just went through and deleted the Night­mare Fuel circle as part of my purge.

    My theory is anyone I was actively talk­ing to will have made it to one of my other circles now.

  • There’s going to be a giant circle purge after #NaNoW­riMo is over with (and thank you for remind­ing me about the Night­mare Fuel circle… I forgot about it. lol). I feel like my stream is going to lose 30 pounds worth of fluff at the end of the month.

  • I’ve added a few shared circles, myself, and I have completely deleted a couple of them as being noth­ing but a nuisance, and I have actively been prun­ing the dead-wood form the others, keep­ing only those who actu­ally inter­act with me in some fash­ion.

  • +Eoghann Irving i think alot of the “good inten­tion” circles some how ends up with spam and self promo­tion instead of legit convo’s and ques­tions and inter­ac­tion
    sorry if that sounds prud­ish in a way but i’m just not a “i want numbers” person…convos have to 75% of the time have some actual thought

  • I have 4 circles left to prune. Right now it’s follow­ing which is just ridicu­lously large. 

    Then it’s Photog­ra­phy which will be a tough one because there are some great images being posted. But a lot of these people don’t speak to me at all.

    And the tough­est will be my Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovers Circles, because now that they’ve grown to a decent size I want to prune them back based on who is actu­ally talk­ing about Fantasy & Sci-Fi… not just who likes it.

  • Every­one I’ve added during NaNo went straight into the friends circle, since i see it as like minds belong in the friends…writing, silly.…all good!

  • It seems as though many of the people who wanted added to Sci-Fi and Fantasy aren’t talk­ing about those subjects at all, which is why I want to move in a differ­ent direc­tion with them.

    They’re publicly shared circles so anyone can add them if they just want an oppor­tu­nity to read about sci-fi stuff. But want to make the circles people who actively talk about it.

  • I certainly hope that my Nano circle will remain once Novem­bers over. It’s great to be in touch with other writ­ers and share and have conver­sa­tions with others with a simi­lar inter­est

    I too haven’t seen any sci-fi or fantasy threads posted. Kept mean­ing to chase it up then got distracted writing…oops Magpie approach

  • I find that I rarely post to a speci­fic circle with the excep­tion of writ­ing and stuff I only post to close friends and family. Other than that, I am just me and I kind of figure if you like me you prob­a­bly like me if I’m talk­ing about games, knit­ting, or random nerdy pursuits. I fail at circles.

  • I’ve added a few shared circles. They helped spice up my stream in the begin­ning. I met people I wouldn’t have other­wise. Yes, some prun­ing is required, but I’ve been happy with the gems I’ve found. 

    I don’t just add whole circles anymore. Some­where along the way, I learned to check each profile upfront, which has cut down on the prun­ing after the fact. On the whole, I prob­a­bly pick up more new people to follow from threads I’m inter­ested in than any other method.

  • Shared circles are good for people who don’t want to take the time to use the search… A quick way to fill your stream… you will have to weed them out though.. 🙂

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