Why You Should Feel Guilty You’re Not Walking

Well maybe not… but a bit of guilt might get me out and walk­ing again so it would be a good thing.

I actu­ally find walk­ing very enjoy­able. I just don’t have much free time to do it. But look at all the health bene­fits!

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The Perks of Walk­ing [info­graphic] | Daily Info­graphic
Mostly because I was too cheap to take a bus and kept getting lost , I did an insane amount of walk­ing at South by South West today. I trot­ted across down­town several times in my trusty cowboy boots, … 

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  • I hate walk­ing. So boring. I’d rather go cycling.
    The occa­sional walk to the local shops is ok, but long walks for exer­cise, I just hate it.

  • i walk when­ever i can. some people try to get the clos­est park­ing spot…i purpose­fully park far away. :p still dont walk nearly enough though.

  • I’d rather run for 12 hour than walk for an hour! Also, running really gets my mind clear whereas when I’m walk­ing I get easily distracted and bored.

  • I love walk­ing. I hardly ever get a chance to listen to all the hundreds of podcasts that build up. Walk­ing is the only oppor­tu­nity I get. I have to say my favourite podcast at the moment is the Bugle. It used to be the London Times online podcast but when Rupert Murdoch was being heav­ily ques­tioned about the phone hack­ing scan­dal they used it as a source of highly irrev­er­ent humour for weeks on end. I think the New York Times made mention of the fact it was hard to believe they managed to stay employed by the times for so long. Of course the wheels of power move slowly and they were cut even­tu­ally. They support them­selves by dona­tions now. They really do make a walk an incred­i­bly enter­tain­ing affair although I do tend to get a lot of strange looks from people when I keep burst­ing out in raucous laugh­ter.

  • i HATE running and jogging, but i usually walk at a very quick speed. its a lot more enjoy­able now with a child because she points every­thing out and gets excited. one of us takes her on a walk daily, and now that we have more daylight to work with, we will go as a family much more often.

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