Wonder what Moffat means by that

The Chil­dren In Need mini-episodes have become a tradi­tion, but they are usually primar­ily comedic and fan serv­ing, not other­wise impor­tant.

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Prepare To Be Surprised By The Doctor Who Chil­dren In Need Minisode
The offi­cial Doctor Who Twit­ter feed has been buzzing away today feed­ing us tidbits about the Steven Moffat -penned minisode of Doctor Who writ­ten for this Friday’s Chil­dren in Need fundrais­ing drive. With three days left before it gets aired, the episode still hasn’t actu­ally been filmed. The scripts were deliv­ered only yester­day and the sets are being built today. As of one hour ago…
Produc­tion team locked in meet­ings organ­is­ing every­thing from camera­men to costume.
They’ve confirmed that M… 

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