Wonderful images.

Wonder­ful images.

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Beau­ti­ful Damn Heroes, Part 2: Art Nouveau Trib­utes to the Men of Fire­fly [Fire­fly]
You sort of expect to see Firefly’s Mal Reynolds or Jayne Cobb on a Wanted poster — but did you ever expect to see them being enshrined as exem­plars of art nouveau love­li­ness? And yet, it sort of fits, once you see the gorgeous final result.
Remem­ber last Monday, when we showed you a Seren­ity replica and promised you another Fire­fly surprise from Quan­tum Mechanix today? Here it is — an exclu­sive first look the male coun­ter­part to the art nouveau women of Fire­fly we showed you last summer. Cli… 

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