Worth knowing.

Worth know­ing.

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Every year, I give to the Salva­tion Army as I pass their kettles in malls and on the streets. And I have done so again and again, some­times many times during the holi­day season. Sadly, know­ing what they stand for, and against, I will be pass­ing on the kettles this year and for the fore­see­able future. At least they have the decency to publicly post their posi­tion state­ment. http://​www​.salva​tion​armyusa​.org/​u​s​n​/​w​w​w​_​u​s​n​_​2​.​n​s​f​/​v​w​-​d​y​n​a​m​i​c​-​i​n​d​e​x​/​B​6​F​3​F​4​D​F​3​1​5​0​F​5​B​5​8​5​2​5​7​4​3​4​0​0​4​C​1​7​7​D​?​O​p​e​n​d​o​c​u​m​ent

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  • However, in the Chris­tian view, sexual inti­macy is not essen­tial to a healthy, full, and rich life. Apart from marriage, the scrip­tural stan­dard is celibacy.”

    No wonder. Every­thing is so much clearer now. Gah. Thanks for post­ing this +Eoghann Irving. I had no idea it was that bad.

  • +Deb Pardee Honestly, I feel that this is the real view­point regard­ing sex in most of Amer­i­can soci­ety. Is it prac­ticed? No, of course not. But sex is still very, very shame­ful, espe­cially outside of marriage. So I’m not quick to judge them on that one, really, as much as I do disagree with it.

    I think it’s just kinda amus­ing that they put up their stance on “human traf­fick­ing,” as if anyone is going to disagree with it.

  • I am think­ing it is the basic illus­tra­tion for how incred­i­bly vested in magi­cal think­ing they are. It helps me under­stand why I will never support them (and I mean that far more glob­ally than just the Salva­tion Army).

    Oh and I was mostly being a smar­tass about the lack of sex stuff.

  • I wouldn’t. At least they don’t believe being gay auto­mat­i­cally makes you a lesser person. Accord­ing to Chris­tian­ity, Homo­sex­u­al­ity is a sin. I am more both­ered by their stance on abor­tion.

  • If it were legal­ized, I rather doubt there would be members of the Salva­tion Army stand­ing outside churches with “God Hates Fags” signs.

  • I have never donated to Salva­tion Army. Ever.

    When I was in college, the Salva­tion Army towed my car from their empty park­ing lot across the street from a friend’s house. They cost me $250. Until I get that money back they get noth­ing.

  • The main point is to know where your money is going. They are a char­ity and they do good work. But that doesn’t mean your money will be spent in a way you would like.

  • +Eoghann Irving I would agree with that. To me, they really aren’t bad; and they do what is right accord­ing to their speci­fic reli­gion, with­out push­ing their reli­gion on others. I won’t disre­spect their beliefs as long as they don’t disre­spect mine. In fact, chances are I would stand up for them, even if I were a lesbian who had gotten an abor­tion. I just wouldn’t contribute to their cause if I didn’t think it was the right thing to do.

  • I agree with +Adam Boenig . They are stat­ing their beliefs with­out any of the self-right­eous­ness and venom so often asso­ci­ated with this issue. Beyond that, they are explic­itly stat­ing that no one should be shunned or mistreated regard­less of their sexual orien­ta­tion. I have no doubt that they would assist any LGBT person in need as read­ily as they would anyone else. With­draw­ing support for such a rela­tive voice of reason in a sea of prej­u­dice and hate seems to me a poor way of help­ing to effect change.

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